About Us

When did I start?

Established in 2015, BabyLove's Bath & Beauty has come a long way. I started out strictly doing handmade soaps, but soon after I grew into doing bath bombs, body scrubs and more. All of my products are natural and organic, which is great for those with sensitive skin!

BabyLove's is a business located out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so all products are heat approved!

I do offer a variety of products, and I'm always working hard on what to bring out next! All products are made and wrapped with love and the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best care for your skin. If you have any suggestions on what should be next, feel free to let me know!

What started this?

I have always loved all natural products, but sometimes it is hard to find the ones that ACTUALLY work. So, instead of hunting down something I could afford, I decided to make it myself. I want the best care for my friends as well as me, so my soaps started to spread the more I used them. Now, I am always asking family & friends about opinions on what needs to be made natural next? My friends have inspired me so much on what needs to be made next, and I always have to thank them for their love.

So... What is next?

That is a tough question. Being in the heat, I am always inspired to make something that makes living in heat a bit easier. However, I have many friends husbands waiting on my men's line.

I will have new bath bombs coming out soon, one of which will be a detox bath bomb!

I am in the process of working on all natural deodorants that can survive even the harshest heat, but am still perfecting it.

And, as requested by many, I am working on a mans soap line, along with some all natural after shave creams specially formulated for men and women.

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