Wednesday, July 19, 2017

6 Key Benefits to Detoxing

These days, everyone is trying to detox. Even at BabyLove's Bath & Beauty, we are always thinking of new products to help you detox and cleanse your skin. We focus on skin products, not only because it is our passion, but because it is the largest organ of the body, that frequently gets ignored when you detox. If you detox part of your body, you should make sure to detox your body inside and out, to make sure you are cleansing every part equally. This includes meditation to calm your soul,  juice or other detoxes for your body on the inside, and some good body scrubs to detox your pores, and really get all the toxins out of your system.

For those who do not meditate, I only include this step because negativity in your mind does truly affect your body and its performance. That article is for another day, so continuing on.

Key Benefits of Detoxing Your Body:

The most obvious difference you will see is the way you feel. After detoxing your body, you will feel lighter or like you have more energy. You will also feel happier, like less weight is on your body, and even your mind

When detoxing, you are literally getting rid of toxins that cause long term harm to your body. By cleansing yourself of these toxins, you not only decrease the risk for cancer, but also heart attacks and other various diseases/conditions as well

When your body is full of toxins, so is your mind. Once you detox, you may notice that you can sleep easier, and concentrate better. That is because your mind is now clear and free from all these toxins blocking it

When detoxing, it has to leave your body. Afterwards, you may notice that you are a bit slimmer, or have lost a bit of weight. Eating healthy afterwards will keep this weight off, along with additional cleanses overtime to help your body perform at its best

When you detox, you are helping every part of your body function better. If you usually wake up with, or get stuck with, bad breath, you might see a difference in your breath once you take a few days to detox your body, especially the digestive system

When your done detoxing, your skin will glow. However, so will your hair. You might notice that your hair is softer, shinier naturally, and even growing better than before

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