Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Scrub with Sugar, Don't Eat It!

The more we research our food, and what all we put in it, the more it seems that sugar is not the best for us to eat. However, everything was put on this earth for a certain use. So, what is sugar good for? Although it makes things taste amazing, there are TONS of other uses for it, especially when it comes to your skin!

Benefits of scrubbing with Brown Sugar scrubs:

Brown sugar is great at exfoliating the skin.

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The texture of brown sugar is a lot more gentle than normal sugar, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Even though brown sugar is softer, it still works hard to get all those dead skin cells removed, which makes your skin baby smooth.

raspberries & cream body scrub
Raspberries & Cream Brown Sugar Scrub

Brown Sugar is a humectant, which means it is great at naturally moisturizing skin.

Because brown sugar is softer, it exfoliates gently and does not leave ANY harmful residue.

This means no clogged pores!

Brown sugar helps reduce the puffiness in white heads, and also helps prevent FUTURE breakouts.

Brown sugar is great at improving scar areas.

It is great to use brown sugar scrubs before you shave, because it helps the hair come out!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Organic Brown Sugar Scrub

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